Be like cat.

So I evidently have a spot on my head, filled with fluid, that when you press on it, it turns me off instantly, like an off switch. Big Fun.

No one is sure why, and I’m hearing things like “purely coincidence” from all the doctors, including the surgeon. What?

“Check her heart.”

Really? Does it sound like vertigo and perhaps I have an inner ear infection?

I’m very frustrated, and am back to not being able to do anything, wrapped in bubble wrap and confined to bed or a chair, with a babysitter.

I see Glazier on Monday, and Scott is going to go with. No one is allowed to say what it isn’t unless they have a working theory as to what it is and how to make it stop. There is something about the way the implant prevents fluid penetration and how the scalp adheres to the dura matter and something something, but it all sounds so hand-wavy to me and makes no sense whatsoever. FIX ME!

I was normal 3 Icelandic Sheepdogs Ago At least I have the girls, right? Disa is so thrilled to be here. She is unflappable, always up for new adventures, so chill. Such a great traveler. It took the brown girls weeks before they’d eat — Disa ate her first day here. She found where the chewtoys are right away, and chilled and chewed on the first day. It took the little girls a month! I have to remind myself that they’d hadn’t been away from her very often and they are big babies. But Disa, she doesn’t have time for indecision and being afraid, my brave girl. I just love having her here.