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So when the surgeon said his PA who schedules surgery was on vacation, we assumed she’d be back by today, but that was incorrect. She’ll be back on Wednesday.

Waiting is tough. I’ve got a new headache spot for the past four days, and who knows if that even matters. Surgery ASAP, but it’s not emergency surgery.

I’ve been trying to think positive and happy thoughts. I tried to get the audio part of this book Prepare For Surgery, Heal Faster, but what I got was a book that talks about how good the actual CD that goes with the book. But I want to use my Kindle to listen to that CD part. Is that possible? I use my Kindle for Pandora and movies. Trying to figure stuff like this out without Frank around while I’m not braining well … oy.


I’ve been staying off the computer, mostly. These last few days I’ve been looking at photos. This one makes me laugh. I’ve always loved colors, the more, the better. It looks like I was colorized in a black and white photo, almost. So wait, I thought your favorite color is purple? Oh, it is, especially with red. Or lime green! or bright orange!

Reminds me of magical imaginary world in Glitch where I swore (?!) to replicate this in real life some day. Heh.

New thrift store find I’m getting spoiled now. This one came back with Scott and Megan, and I love it. It has pockets! It’s a bit big and I’m contemplating how a belt would work with the pockets, or pleats, or something.

I want to spin or twirl with it on, but I have to move very slowly and deliberately or the really bad stabbing pain behind my eyes will be back for hours. Honestly, I had no clue how much I flitted around.