Word selection

The tumor was right at the spot in the brain where word selection happens. I’m often close to the word I want,  just slightly off. Park instead of part. Cow instead of couch.

When I am tired I spew word salad. I just stop trying and go home and get to bed. Sleep helps. I still need lots of sleep.

I think I find writing difficult because it is nothing but word selection.  Practice helps but also just cutting myself some slack is good too.

Survived my 3 work days. I work on Christmas but have a couple days for rest.

1 thought on “Word selection”

  1. Cut you some slack, HELL I give you all the PRAISE and THUMBS UP I can for the way you have bounced back and come as far as you have !!!!!

    To think that only a couple of years ago you were told you were going not to talk/think etc. at all I would give you a BIG HUG you are still here and will be for a long time.

    SO, anyone giving you slack send them over to me and I will give them the lecture of their lives !!!!! You just keep going the way you are with your words or even BETTER !!!


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