Just waiting, waiting

My draft updates are all alike. Short version: OW.

I’m off all bloodthinners, so nothing at all for pain. Fun.

Not eating much, my balance is horrible, so not moving much.

I look very squinty, I hear. That’s from cranial nerves being squished.

I’m mostly doing THC tincture, xanax and muscle relaxers, meditation, sleeping.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

I try not to be on the computer very much at all. I get fascinated watching stuff like this. I think this is the approach my guy is going to take.

Peace I got a doodle app on my Kindle and it evidently has an auto upload to Flickr thingie, very cool.

Monday, stuff happens for Frank and Valerie. She has a ton of driving to get him to Tuesday KC flight, then back to Branson.

Tuesday, stuff will start to happen here, too. Scott is going to clip my hair short, Lili and I get dropped off in Kona to stay at hotel the night before the flight. Flight early Wednesday.

Jeremy arrives on Wednesday, too.

Sushi day!

Three medical appointments that day, surgery on Thursday.

Thursday, of this week.

My lists have lists.

I signed up for an Audible 30-day trial. Short stories worked for me a little while yesterday.

Time either feels like it’s crawling or flying, depending on the moment.

But look where I am. I’m so grateful. The bird cages are about the edge of my universe right now. I love to sit out with them.

Hanging with the birds