Something Good Every Day

I think no news is good news?

The peer to peer review previously scheduled for 2:00 today has been postponed to 8:15 tomorrow. But as far as we know, nothing from Gore has been received, so it might get postponed again.

I’ve had a really bad week. The seizure I had last Saturday was evidently a big one because I’m still not over it. The queasiness and headache pain and general misery have been bad all week, and throwing everything we had at it wasn’t helping.

I did manage to find some of the stuff I got on my trip to Colorado, the strain specifically for pain, and it definitely helps. I managed to track my history on my google maps timeline, and found the exact dispensary I went to, called them, they looked up the order, and ta da, we now have a name for it. (Hindu Tahoe) Jeremy’s worked it on his end and I should have more soon so I can stop hording it. (me, horde? ha)

Raisin Scones

I’m so lucky to have the tribe I have around me. They are taking such good care of me. I can’t even begin to describe it. All I can do is sometimes bake Lili scones, and Megan a keto cheesecake, and it’s nowhere near enough. Oh, and the danish pastries were a hit, though I never did figure out any tropical toppings. Maybe next time. Baking makes me feel better.

Long ago and far away (1996 in NH, specifically) we had a house fire, and a few weeks after, I got talked in to seeing a shrink. After listening to me for a bit where I mostly cried, he handed me a pink prescription thingie, with two things on it.

1. Take a picture of something good every day.

2. Cut yourself some fucking slack.

Rocking my purple cane

I carried that pink slip of paper in my wallet until it literally fell apart, and I still remember that first digital camera I had, and how huge it was! But I loved it.

So that’s why I have a million photos on Flickr, and I’ve never been good at that second part.

So while it’s been a really bad week, I got a shiny new purple cane that really helps. I’m so much more confident with it, and slowly getting the hang of using it.

And I got rainbow rain boots.

Rainbow Rain Boots