Buckled in?

This roller coaster ride is getting tedious. After speaking with the overwhelmed medical assistant just back from vacation, we learned I needed a chest x-ray and blood work and a Clearance for Surgery form filled out by my PCP. It sure would have been nice to have known that, because it could have gotten done last week, but oh well. We ran around and did it yesterday, including a pregnancy test despite having no uterus.

We learned they might have tried for the 28th Monday, which would have been quite the whirlwind, right? But it’s Friday afternoon in Hawaii, where everyone takes the afternoon off, so I’m assuming it’s not going to happen.

But more hoops were jumped through, stuff crossed off lists, rushed to town to sit around in waiting rooms.

I’m taking some hope in that those tests have a 30 day window, which hopefully means I’m within a month. If the date is farther than that, we might have the ability to contest it and go to Oregon, because I am not doing well at all. Not a good week this week.

I’m doing a lot of listening to Prepare For Surgery, Heal Faster, which took a heroic effort between Frank, Scott and Lili to get onto my Kindle.

One of her steps is to gather a tribe of people who love you and ask them to think of you with kindness and love, and I was ready to check that off my list, friends, and then she said for you all to do it about thirty minutes before surgery. Oh. If only we knew, right? But thanks so much for all of your kind thoughts.

At some point you just buckle in and let go, right? What is going to happen is going to happen, hopefully soon.