Possible dates

So we heard late yesterday afternoon that the two possible dates they are working toward are September 5th or the 12th. The plan would be the same — fly over on Friday, be seen in the clinic, have tests, MRIs etc. over the weekend, then surgery on Tuesday. Shit just got real! I’m so very ready.

I’m feeling fairly good so far today, so of course my brain wonders if I’m taking too much of a risk to have a craniotomy, but then I remember the week I just had. It’s interesting, too, that one of the affirmations floating around in my head is that I don’t have to prove to anyone else how sick I am and can now devote all of my energy to healing.

Also, when I was listening to the affirmations yesterday, there was a point where she says to ask your body what it needs and then wait for an answer. My brain almost SHOUTED fruits and vegetables, and it wasn’t kidding. I turned off the Kindle, went out and ate three apple bananas from our own trees, and then an apple.

So now that Frank has all of the critters re-settled, it’s time for him to figure out who can watch the cats and dogs, and then get his butt here. I’d love to see him before the actual surgery, because I keep worrying about not waking up. I wonder if any of my Texas family can help Frank with the dogs and cats?

Rainbow dress thrift store find Look what they found for me at a swap meet. Yay, rainbow dress! Matches my rainbow boots. I may never, ever take it off.