Tentative Dates

Pending referrals etc., the tentative dates so far are 8/2 to start tests, with surgery here on 8/7. That sure seems fast! With the holiday week, not much is open around here, so we start in earnest on Wednesday to get all the insurance stuff lined up.

And then Jeremy shows up on Thursday! I can’t wait.

Things I never thought I’d google: how to prepare for brain surgery

I am learning some stuff, though, making lists.

Slide shows of familiar faces: check. (22K images on Flickr should do the trick) (on my Kindle)

Music without words: check (I have a Pandora station that I used to cook to that I love.)

Figure out where I’ll be recovering and get it all set up. Not sure on this one yet. I will most likely need home health care for a bit, so need to arrange that.

Get some audio books downloaded onto my Kindle, because reading won’t be possible for a while I hear. I’ve only read the first Phryne Fisher — I wonder if the rest is on Audible? Love to take suggestions. I’ve asked Frank to send some DVDs of Jeeves and Bertie Wooster and what we have of Lord Peter Wimsey.

Games I like to play while we wait for surgery: Aggravation, Qwirkle, Pinochle deck

Maybe Crochet.

I wish there was a way to get Frank and the puppies to Oregon. I’m scared to death I won’t wake up, and they’d be so sad to never have seen me again.

Do I know anyone who would be willing to dye a Tilley hat purple if I buy it? I’m pretty sure I need one, and why they haven’t made one yet is beyond comprehension.

I hear I am going to be even more light sensitive for a long while, and since I often wear my sunglasses inside already, that’s going to be interesting.

Does anyone know much about the Glitch reboots? That would be a happy thing to play during recovery.

So many of you are asking for a wishlist, so I’ve been madly clicking on things on Amazon. But seriously, please don’t send anything until I wake up from surgery. Many people don’t. When I do, I will happily spray purple glitter on thank you notes whenever I am up to mischief.