Feeling Fragile

Scott took me to see Glazier today, and it was a pretty easy visit, really. He said that my passing out incidents sound like vasovagal syncope, a fancy phrase for fainting when they don’t know the cause. My brain and head is doing a lot of healing, there are pockets of fluid that are perfectly normal, and for some reason, when you touched mine, I passed out. No big deal. Perfectly normal. Stop touching my head. Stop tilting my head when I take a shower, and basically, just keep chilling out and letting myself heal. He said that none of my symptoms ever really made sense anyway and so why would I start following rules now?

Oh well. It hasn’t happened in a few days. The swelling is down quite a bit, and maybe I’m past it anyway. Here’s hoping.

He removed the sutures which was only painful a couple of times, so I’m glad that’s over. Leave my head alone until Wednesday — keep it dry, don’t scratch it, then shower on Wednesday, briefly. Alrighty. He liked the way everything is healing up, and I’ll see him again in a month.

I have an appointment with rehab tomorrow, and they’ll get me moving and back up to speed, hopefully. I feel very fragile, and I want to be back to being strong and confident, please.