So evidently I’m discovering the hard way how important minerals are, especially potassium and magnesium. I noticed yesterday that I was thirsty as all get out, and drank 7 x 16 ounces of water. I was assuming all that fluid was good, not that it was a sign I was low on minerals.

But when 24 hours passed without urinating, I knew that couldn’t be good. Dr. Google was pretty helpful, as were some of the FB Keto groups. Lili and I tackled it straight away this morning, because I wanted to try everything I could think of first before heading to the hospital, which she thought I might need.

“No-salt” is pretty much straight potassium, so I drank that in lemon water and it went down ok. Epsom salts are mostly magnesium, so a cup of that in warm water to soak my feet in, plus took a magnesium capsule. After about an hour, I got some success — nowhere near enough, but pretty sure it means the kidneys are starting to work again.

Pretty sure this is what everyone calls keto flu, and of course I get it in spades. Not eating enough every day sure makes it hard to get in all the right minerals, but I have zero appetite, so it’s a real fight every day.

Scott and Megan are headed to one of the other islands today for a few days, so it’s Lili and I holding down the fort. It still feels like a teenager sleep over when we are alone. Living with your BFF is pretty awesome.