Woody is a regular customer at work. 80, rides a moped, comes in early every Sunday for biscuits and gravy. Nice guy!

Lots of chatting goes on and I mentioned I needed a dresser. He had one from his ex I could have. I went over yesterday and picked it up.

It’s really heavy wood and made really well. I’m trying to decide how to refinish it. In the meantime I finally have a dresser. All the drawers work easily and are lined. Even the handles are in great shape.  It’s weirdly tall but fits perfectly under the window.

He lives in a 12×20 that he built 30 years ago. His had a loft and several rustic outbuildings. He fell and ripped up his shoulder recently though so can’t use the loft anymore. So maybe I don’t want one.

He had a friend coming over to help move it but I managed it all myself. Gold star! Strapped it to the roof. He called me “mountain woman“. Heh. That’s right!



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