Going to see a guy about these pigs

I’ve got a friend of a friend coming over to talk about pigs. It’s all tricky because I don’t like the way they treat hunting dogs here. At all. I even feel bad for the pigs. I’ve raised pigs and butchered them but always made it as humane as possible.

A herd of pigs was run off this morning by my gang including the new still unnamed guy. I was getting ready for work and saw it all.  Scared me how close they came.

I need to do something just not sure what or how. I’m starting now talking to this guy who was supposed to be here already.

Maybe a trap? Something as humane as possible.  I don’t want to traumatize my dogs, my stray, the pigs or his hunting dogs. Or me.

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  1. Lisa I understand. I live in a city and our land is near an old abandoned small greenstone quarry. Think very small. Behind our small property is a steep hillside of the castoff rocks, covered with decades of trees and brush. It’s a perfect habitat for the coyote who settled in last fall. She now has two full grown pups. At night we hear the call to work from the three of them. I cant take our dogs out back at night any more.

    It’s their habitat we have encroached on. They havent killed anything I know of yet. Deer appearances are down. The rat problem we had last winter is gone. Two chickens who refused to come in at night disappeared. I am a bit afraid, but I cant justify trapping or killing.

    Wish you the best in making this very difficult decision.


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