My Darling Disa

Yesterday late afternoon when I got home from running errands in Kona, I do what I always do. When I get out to unlock the gate at the road, the girls get out and tear off down the dirt road towards home. It’s about a mile.

About half way, I heard Disa and the new boy cry out in pain. I stopped and got out. It took a while to find her in the middle of a brush pile. I had to pull stuff off to get to her.


Injured eye

The vet found broken bones all around the eye. She hopes we can save the eye. She had surgery today and I have her home now. She sutured the eye closed to give it time to heal


It looks like damage from a wild pig of which we certainly have many.

Thank you Frank and Patrick for helping with the bill! Lots of folks are offering to pitch in with surgery costs and I’m very appreciative. This is my PayPal 

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