Frank and I have been married 29 years today. We aren’t staying married and haven’t lived together for 2.5 years   So no Happy Anniversary, thanks for asking, Facebook. I don’t think either of us is unhappy. I felt sad today when I remembered though.

I turned 54 last month. Sort of a nothing birthday. 55 next year feels like a milestone. I’m again contemplating going gray as I do on every birthday.

I participated in Holidailies many years in a row. My brain does not feel up to it but I need to push myself to practice writing so I am going to try.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary”

  1. Remember, I am just a few months ahead of you — 55 ho! My current time to let all the gray in is “when I retire.” We’ll see. Be well.

  2. I am sadden to hear that you and Frank are no longer staying married especially after these many year, but I know it must be for good reasons ( that are none of my business ).

    As for your hair turning grey won’t change your lovely personality in any way shape or form!!!


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