One week post craniotomy

Seriously. I cannot believe how easy this recovery is. I am frankly astounded.

I am deathly allergic to all opiods, so I didn’t get the “good drugs”. No Percocet, no hydrocodone, not even Tylenol plus codeine. The strongest thing I have prescribed is Torodol, which is Midol on steroids, but I haven’t taken one since surgery because I haven’t needed it. Regular Tylenol a few times yesterday and then an early night.

I made breakfast for everyone this morning, woke up starving. Started some bread. Made shrimp in a cream sauce for dinner tonight, pulling some cupcakes out of the freezer for dessert.

It’s 5:30 here, and I just started getting a bit of pain around the incision, so took an OTC Tylenol. I wonder when I can start taking NSAIDS again. I’ll ask at the doctor tomorrow. It will be a long day on the road, so a test of endurance, most likely.

Hot peppers I took it easier today than yesterday, by request. Yesterday, I walked Chandra for about 30 minutes out in the coffee fields, and got grumbled at, so today I just stayed on the driveway, in the shade, four or five times, and spoke to the parrots a lot, wandered around in the gardens and planned. Soon I’ll be able to bend over and weed, in the meantime, I wonder if I can chip Christmas berry to use as mulch in the walkways?

I even participated in a money meeting about the farm and had good contributions to make, and they were able to leave the lights on the whole time without me cringing in pain. My brain feels so much clearer. It’s amazing what proper blood flow is again.

Oh, I spotted a stick bug!

Stick bug

8 thoughts on “One week post craniotomy”

  1. So happy about all this that my heart sings for you… and I’m not usually such a sop 😀(Finally, a realistic emoji for you, haha, just until the hair grows back!). Keep up the good work, but yes, take it easy too… it is only ONE week post surgery! xxx

  2. Hearing you speak of the simple this we take for granted and how bleeder you feel b o experience them again….giving thanks for your inspiration and healing.

  3. You sound wonderful Lisa and your incision is beautiful…I’m so very happy for you but do please take it easy…it WAS brain surgery yanno…haha.


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