Magic Cures

As you can imagine, everyone has opinions on what I should be doing to cure myself.

For an atheist, I’m on an awful lot of prayer chains. I have rosaries being said in my name.

I tell everyone that I am open to all healing, and it’s true.

When I am feeling particularly worried or obsessive, I hit up google and do some light reading.

I’m still working my way through this one, currently.

Here is just the list of cures that I got told about yesterday:

Skull Cap
Apple cider vinegar
Tumeric, Golden Paste
CBD oil
Kava tea
Cordycep mushrooms
Turkey tail mushrooms
Reishi Mushrooms

I’m headed to Kona with Lili any second now. I’m glad I feel up to a trip!

Look how pretty the pizzas came out:


And the keto one was good enough that I will definitely be making it again, and soon.

Keto Pizza

2 thoughts on “Magic Cures”

  1. Are those jalapenos? Omg your pizza looks great.

    Of the suggestions you’ve gotten, keto is the one that I’d go with. The data on CBD and turmeric lowering inflammation are real, as well. Cordyceps is baloney–none of the stuff exported from China is real (we did the DNA). You have no idea what you’re getting. The others ingestibles are, imo, either harmless or potentially harmful.

    Meditation and yoga are good for anyone under stress. I think you’re doing the right alternative cure. Biggest of hugs!

  2. To your list of alternative healing strategies, you can add Mi Sheberachs! It’s a traditional prayer for healing that is said during Jewish services, and there is a pause during which people say the names of others who could use some healing. I’ve been saying your name. Wishing you puppies and rainbows and hugs.


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